By Mitzi Schwarz


I can’t breathe,

I can’t breathe from this


The virus of fury, confusion, and greed.

Such fear and anger we harbor within.

No wonder we’re dying,

We must begin

To see through

False prisms of

Red and Blue

False distinctions that hold no iota of Truth.….


Meanwhile, whole forests are burning,

And turning to ash. And fish are swimming through mountains of trash

That float through their home,

Choking their air.

While meanwhile, we spew out our garbage

Sans care

That this is our home, too.

Where else to live? Our bodies evolved here; so innately creative.


We can live without fear

Of one another. Because truly,

we all come from Father Sky and Earth, our Mother.

Temporary abode for Soul;

What a gift is our Birth. When will we sense the wholeness

Of Unseen Spirit? It breathes through you and me.

Can you not feel it?

Someday, I know we will. And when we do, we’ll

drop our swords and arms, because

Thou. Shalt. Not. Kill.

For, hurting another ultimately hurts us.

Do we really want to shatter the gift Life has bequeathed us?


We’ve created our world through such trauma-filled eyes.

Gone on for so long, it’s no surprise that what we see when looking outward is so much pain.

It’s time to choose Love, again.


For then, this Apocalypse will be no more.

Then, finally, can Messiah come to our door.

So please let’s remember we come from One Source.

When we know THAT,

we’ll bask in Love’s Ultimate Force.