Welcome to Mitzi's Music

Welcome to Mitzi’s Music, your one stop location where you’ll find the musical entertainment you need for any occasion, be it a party, wedding, concert, festival, corporate event, cabaret or nightclub venue. I’ve been singing and entertaining my whole life in countless settings, for countless audiences, and I can deliver the music you need for your special, specific event. I am in a unique position to offer a wide variety of musical entertainment, because I have developed true vocal versatility. This is my strength. Whatever the setting, wherever the location, whatever the occasion….what is most important is to let the music you choose be a source of happiness and fun for you, your family, friends, associates…whoever’s listening!

The genres of music that I offer include:
  • Pop
  • Classic American Songbook/Jazz/Blues
  • Honky tonk / Classic Western
  • Swing
  • Spiritual Music/Jewish/Yiddishe/Liturgical Music

Music Contractor

When you’re looking for a phenomenal variety band for your special occasion, a wedding, birthday, retirement, promotion, Christmas, Hannukah, New Year’s Eve; you name it, I can help make your event come alive with music. I can put together a musical ensemble, with or without the singer, if what you’re needing is just quiet classical, smoky jazz, or mellow pop. Let me help you find the right music for your event!